November 2015

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RedCart 4.2.2 has been released!

RedCart v4.2.2 Notes:

  • Updated the integration to use the new Akamai transaction URL.
  • Updated the integration and added the x_logo_url variable to the integration. Now you can upload a logo to your account and enter the logo url in your RedCart settings so that your logo is displayed on the secure hosted payment page.
  • Updated the SagePay integration to use their new version 3.00 protocol.
  • Fixed a bug where Dollar Based Early Bird Discounts weren’t being applied when they should have been.
  • Fixed a bug where Dollar Based and Percent Based Early Bird discounts weren’t being applied properly when more than one Early Bird discount was active at the same time on the same gallery items.
  • Fixed a bug where a download all type download link would report an error that the zip file was deleted when it was in fact on the server. This only happened in the case where the Number of Days Active attribute of the download all configuration was greater than zero.
  • Fixed a bug where the Additional Shipping option on Print Packages wasn’t being applied to the order.
  • Fixed a bug where image file downloads could be purchased with color tone changes applied even when they were configured to not allow color tone changes.
  • Fixed a bug where image category filtering was being lost when hovering over the Favorites menu label to reveal selected favorites.
  • Modified the Favorites multi-select mechanism so that when the Select All button is clicked, only the favorites in the current folder are selected. Previously, all favorites, regardless of folder, were selected when Select All was clicked.
  • Modified RedCart Desktop Uploader so that you can use the https protocol if desired.