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RedCart v4.1.1 Release Notes

RedCart v4.1.1 Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug where the tour item for the lock icon was not being displayed when logged in with a gallery owner password.
  • Fixed a bug where an error message could be displayed when rating an image for the first time if you are using the developer version of flash player.
  • Added code that fixes a potential database issue where some servers are configured to default database tables to InnoDB instead of using the MyISAM engine.
  • Fixed a bug where the Add-to-Cart One-Line Note was not displaying in the add to cart dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where the system let the photographer enter invalid emails when assigning print credits and restricting discounts to specific email addresses.
  • Fixed a rare issue where some servers would generate a Server 500 Error behind the scenes when trying to log into a gallery. From the front-end perspective, it would appear to have a blank screen after attempting to log in.
  • Fixed a bug where email batches sometimes only sent to some, not all, gallery owner emails.
  • Fixed a bug where very long discount descriptions would cause the scroll bar and submit order button to be inaccessible on the Order Confirmation screen.

RedCart v4.1 Release Notes

RedCart v4.1 Release Notes:

  • Added a “Smart Tour” feature that teaches customers how to use the cart based on how the gallery is configured.
  • Added the ability to modify, activate, and deactivate specific “Tour Items” from Configuration -> “Screen Notes and Text”
  • Added a new gallery level configuration that allows the photographer to turn on “Public Uploading” so that gallery visitors can upload their own high resolution images to the event. Once images are uploaded, prints and other products can be purchased using the uploaded images. Uploaded images are kept private between the uploader and the photographer until the photographer “approves” the uploaded images for other gallery visitors to view. This feature is useful for labs and photographers who print for other photographers. This feature can also be used in combination with the star ratings feature to hold photo contests where viewers rate images to vote.
  • Added a new section to the Screen Notes and Text page that allows the photographer to translate order statuses and payment statuses.
  • Added the sub-gallery menu to the image detail view for quick access to various parts of a gallery.
  • Added the ability to use TLS instead of SSL for SMTP connections.
  • Added a new checkbox to the watermarking settings that allows you center the watermark on mobile devices.
  • Made a change so that gallery owner emails can be comma separated or separated by a semi-colon.
  • Added a feature where mousing over a favorite folder shows which favorite thumbnails are contained within that folder.
  • Made a change so that download links are NOT emailed out when choosing an offline payment method such as Mail a Check or Pay in Studio. When using an offline payment method, the payment status must be updated to Completed and the order email must be re-sent from the Admin to send out the download links. This ensures that payment is received and manually verified by the photographer prior to sending out any download links.
  • Made a change that allows the photographer to create a Spend $x get $y type discount and use it to override the global minimum order amount on an order that has a $0 subtotal.
  • Made a change that filters out all gallery categories from the home screen that do not contain any active galleries.
  • Fixed a bug where the “View All Galleries” label was hard coded on the mobile site so it wasn’t able to be customized. This can now be customized from “Screen Notes and Text” in the Admin.
  • When using a direct store product link on mobile devices, added a new message to the mobile site that indicates that the product is only viewable from a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Fixed a bug where product images were not in the correct sequence order when using a direct product quick link.
  • Updated Order Search, Order Details, and order CSV exports to include translated order statuses and payment statuses.
  • Fixed a bug where scheduled emails were not being sent out when they should have been.
  • Fixed a bug where apostrophes caused issues when creating or modifying an existing image file download.
  • Fixed a bug where apostrophes caused issues when creating or modifying an existing package.
  • Fixed a bug where image collection items could require cropping by the customer even when cropping was not allowed for that image collection item.
  • Fixed a bug where the security warning icon in the Favorites and Image List sections would persist even after logging into all private galleries in a session.
  • Fixed a bug where the business name and first line of the business address was printed on the same line of the Customer Information screen.
  • Fixed a number of usability issues related to favorites folders. They are now much more usable.
  • Fixed a bug where images were not draggable into the comparison boxes when dragged from the watermark.
  • Fixed a bug where RedCart would log an error to the Failed Transactions Report if a refund was issued in Paypal for a specific order.
  • Fixed a bug where pinching to zoom was not working on iOS7 mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug where the main navigation menu could appear to be cut off when linking directly to the store or a store product.
  • Fixed a bug where an alert was incorrectly being thrown to the screen when editing a product add-on dropdown menu option.
  • Fixed a bug where rating images in compare mode would not always save.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting all in multi-select mode in the favorites seciton would not select all favorites.
  • Made a change to the shipping calculator. Previously, the system would not apply the shipping min or max values if the subtotal was $0. The shipping min and max values will now be applied even if the subtotal is $0.