01 Jul 2021

RedCart 5.3.0 Release Notes

New features and bug fixes

01 Jul 2021

Are you upgrading from version 4?

  • If you’re upgrading from v4, be sure to carefully read the version 5.0 release notes before continuing with this upgrade.
  • If you’re a Self-Hosted user, make sure that your server meets the New Hosting Requirements before upgrading to version 5.
  • If you’re on a monthly or annual Hosted plan, you don’t need to worry about hosting requirements.

v5.3.0 New Features and Improvements:

  • NEW! Redesigned Store section for Custom Store Products!
  • NEW! Highly flexible and customizable Store Products to sell just about anything!
  • NEW! Custom Store Products with unlimited product Add-Ons (Multi-Option Add-Ons, Checkboxes, Textboxes and Text Areas)
  • NEW! Custom Store Products with configurable Image Collections that allow your customers to select gallery images for any store product!
  • NEW! Public Store to showcase public products (without logging into a gallery)
  • NEW! Unlimited Private Stores to showcase private products for specific galleries. (Private Stores based on Price Groups)
  • NEW! Added a new “Other Products” tab that links to the Store section when the store is enabled
  • NEW! Custom products that allow the customer to enter the price (ie. Think invoice balance payments, wedding gift registries, gift certificates, donation forms…etc)
  • NEW! Inventory tracking on multiple levels: 1) Store Product level 2) Add-On level and 3) Add-On Option level
  • NEW! Digital File Managment page to sell any type of digital file with custom store products (ie. zip files, pdf files, Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions…etc)
  • NEW! Sell multiple digital files with any custom store product on multiple levels: 1) Store Product level 2) Add-On level 3) Add-On Option level
  • NEW! Featured Products Store section
  • NEW! Store Banner uploader on Colors and Branding page
  • NEW! Store Category Banner uploader to upload custom store banners that display when specific store categories are selected.
  • NEW! Added a new Product Image Uploader to the product page to upload an unlimited number of images for the product.
  • Added a new setting to the Business Rules page to enable / disable the Store section
  • Added a new gallery default setting on the Business Rules page to Allow Cropping
  • Added a new gallery setting to enable / disable Cropping on a gallery level
  • Added a feature that auto-selects the current image when adding a package to the shopping cart that is configured for a single pose.
  • Improved the Menu navigation and usability to make it easier to return back to the Home screen.
  • Added a feature that automatically selects the paper type if there is only a single paper type available when adding to cart.

v5.3.0 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the Event Date was not being set correctly from the Create Gallery screen.
  • Fixed various miscellaneous bugs and minor issues.
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