July 2015

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RedCart v4.2.1 has been released!

RedCart v4.2.1 Notes:

  • Fixed a bug where the system was reporting an insufficient inventory error when a store product was added to the cart and inventory wasn’t being tracked on the store product. This would only happen if the following conditions were met: 1) A price group was assigned to the gallery 2) The product was a public product 3) The product contained add-ons that were not members of the gallery’s price group.
  • Fixed an issue where Paypal transactions were returning a 403 forbidden error when trying to post IPN (instant payment notification) variables back to Paypal to validate the transaction. This was more of an issue with Paypal transactions outside of the United States.
  • Added a blank option to the State / Province / Region: dropdown menu for Pickup Locations configured on Configuration -> Basic Settings in the Admin. Some photographers want to list locations that do not have a State or Privince listed.