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RedCart v4.1.3 Release Notes

RedCart v4.1.3 Release Notes:

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally users were unable to add print packages to their carts.
  • Fixed a bug where the + sign was getting stripped out of gallery titles when checking gallery views on the Gallery Traffic Report.
  • Fixed a rare bug where emails could not be removed from discount restrictions.
  • Added an option to decode protected images on the server side instead of in the browser. This was done as a workaround for those on ISPs that truncate the protected image data in their network architecture.
  • Fixed a bug where store product add-on selections and information was not being displayed in the order details in the Admin AFTER deleting the store product from the system.
  • Added a new tracking number tag to the order status notification email template.
  • Made a change so that the photographer is copied on order status change notification emails.
  • Fixed a bug where the main image was not being filtered out of the gallery images when clicking looping through the images using previous and next, thus causing the main image to be available to order.
  • Fixed a bug where additional logos were not being displayed in the correct area on the Colors and Branding screen in the Admin. Additional logos are now being displayed under the main logo section.
  • Fixed a bug where gallery passwords containing apostrophes would cause Admin links to not work.
  • Added a “Turn Tour Off” button on the tour which turns the tour off from the tour overlay in addition to the control in the main navigation menu.
  • Made performance fixes to the image list and favorites sections. They are now more responsive when working with large sets of images.

Our site just got a makeover!

Welcome to our very first blog post! We’re very excited to announce our new Self-Hosted pricing and business model. Never before could you buy into a RedCart Self-Hosted license at such a low price.

RedCart Self-Hosted:

$1599 – Now Only $349!

One-Time Fee

If you’re a photographer that’s sick of paying monthly fees and you want to have total control over your online proofing and fulfillment process, there hasn’t been a better time to buy into the power of your own RedCart system!