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RedCart Self-Hosted Plans

Self-Hosted Plans

Pay Once. Complete Freedom.

This path is for those that want to run RedCart on their own hosting provider for a one-time fee. If you don’t mind managing your own server and all of the technical responsibilities that come along with that, this option might be the most cost-effective for you. Please review the Self-Hosted FAQ for details.

RC Self-Hosted Content

RedCart Self-Hosted Plans


$1599 One-Time

0% Commissions
No Transaction Fees
Unlimited Images
Unlimited Galleries
All Features
Includes 1-Year of Upgrades & Support

Upgrades & Support

$99 / Year

Includes the latest Upgrades
Minor & Major Releases Included
Email & Ticket Based Support
Cancel Anytime

Does not include a la carte support services

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RedCart Fully Managed Hosted Plans

Plans Hosted by RedCart

Fully Managed. No Technical Headaches.

This is the easiest and the quickest path to get up and running. You simply point your sub-domain to our servers then we host the cart and fully manage everything technical for a low monthly or annual fee with all support and upgrades included. If you’re more of the hands off type, want to ensure your cart is always in good hands, and never want to worry about hosting issues, this path is for you. Our servers are designed specifically for running RedCart. In the rare case a server issue does crop up, you can be rest assured that our team will be on top of it right away. We never overload our servers with more accounts then they can handle, so you get consistent and fast performance. Please review the FAQ for All Plans for details.

RC Hosted Plans Content

RedCart fully managed plans hosted by RedCart.


$9 / Month

Billed annually or $12 monthly

0% Commissions
No Transaction Fees
Upgrades Included
Cloud Storage Included
Hi-Res File Downloads Included
All Features
1,750 Images
14 Day Free Trial


$20 / Month

Billed annually or $24 monthly

0% Commissions
No Transaction Fees
Upgrades Included
Cloud Storage Included
Hi-Res File Downloads Included
All Features
5,000 Images
14 Day Free Trial


$36 / Month

Billed annually or $40 monthly

0% Commissions
No Transaction Fees
Upgrades Included
Cloud Storage Included
Hi-Res File Downloads Included
All Features
25,000 Images
14 Day Free Trial


$50 / Month

Billed annually or $60 monthly

0% Commissions
No Transaction Fees
Upgrades Included
Cloud Storage Included
Hi-Res File Downloads Included
All Features
14 Day Free Trial

* Unlimited plan in accordance with our Fair Usage Policy. If you need a custom plan, please Contact us!


Choosing your domain name:

We recommend using a sub domain such as with your account. If you would like to use a sub domain, please make sure to enter the sub domain in the “Domain Name” box when signing up (example: You can also register a new domain to use with your cart through a domain registrar such as

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For all plans

RC Hosted FAQ

RedCart Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is RedCart?
RedCart is a powerful photo gallery and ordering system for professional photographers. You maintain complete control over the print fulfillment process to maximize profits! Stop paying third-party companies commissions on your sales and control the entire process using the lab of your choice.
2) Can I use RedCart for in person or in studio sales?
Absolutely Yes! RedCart is much more than just an online proofing system. It was designed specifically for in-person sales in mind where the customer can easily select their favorites and place orders all in full screen mode while displaying your images beautifully draped over your large screen display. After your sales session is complete, flip a switch to release the gallery online to your client’s family and friends to capture additional sales.
3) What makes RedCart's product and pricing engine different than other online proofing solutions?
To our knowledge, RedCart offers the most robust and flexible pricing engine when compared to other online proofing solutions for photographers. It allows you to offer a virtually unlimited combination of print sizes and finishing options to your clients without cluttering the screen.
4) Can I create multiple price groups in RedCart?
Yes! You may create as many product groups or price groups as you like. A price group defines the products and pricing that are available within a specific gallery. You can use price groups when you want to offer different products or pricing for different types of clients (eg. Weddings, Seniors, Corporate Events…etc.)Insert content here
5) Can I sell things other than prints and finishing options?
Yes! You can sell just about anything that you can think of: digital files, story boards, collages, frames, session fees…you name it!
6) Does RedCart take a percentage of my sales?
No, we would never do that. You set your own pricing and make every penny. We don’t charge any transaction fees either.
7) Can I offer discounts and promotions?
Yes! RedCart supports multiple discounts on a single order and let’s you restrict discounts to specific products, specific galleries, or specific customers by email, if you like. There are many types of discounts that you can create within the RedCart system including:

  1. Early Bird Discounts (eg. 1st week get 20% Off, 2nd week get 10% Off…etc)
  2. Buy One get another for $X Off (or % Off)
  3. Spend $X Get $Y Off (or % Off)
  4. Spend $X Get Free Shipping
  5. Spend $X Get Free Print Credit Worth $Y
  6. Percentage off retail
  7. Dollar amount off retail
  8. Percentage markup from cost

Also, you can restrict the number of times discounts can be used, set minimum dollar amounts, and set expiration dates on discounts!

8) Does RedCart support Gift Certificates?
Yes! You can create gift certificates and assign them a dollar value in the RedCart admin screens. These gift certificates work like a store gift card or mini bank account where the client can use the code over and over again in the shopping cart until the funds in the account are used up completely. You can also set expiration dates on gift certificates so that they are invalid after a specified date.

Similar to a gift certificate, you can also create Print Credits and restrict the print credit to specific products if you like.

9) Does RedCart support Favorite lists?
Yes! The Favorites section was designed as an image selection tool that allows your clients to communicate their favorites to you. It can be used to kick off the album design process or to communicate lists of favorite images for any other reason.

For smaller image lists, we recommend using the built-in Image Collection feature for store products. This allows you to easily capture a list of images from your customer for any store product.

Example: With a calendar product, you might want your customer to choose one image for each month of the year. When creating the calendar product, you would define an image collection for that product with 12 image collection items. After your customer adds the product to their cart, they will be able to easily add their image selections for that product.

10) What do I need to have in order to use RedCart?
You need the following:

  • A domain name or sub-domain
  • The Order Fulfillment Photoshop Script (optional)

The RedCart Order Fulfillment Script

RedCart comes bundled with a Photoshop script that you can use to quickly and easily fulfill orders after you receive them. The script will find the images on your hard drive, resize and crop the images to your customer’s order specifications, auto-convert to sepia or black and white using your own Photoshop actions, and will also call any other actions that you wish to call (ex. for sharpening purposes).

The Order Fulfillment script is completely optional to use; however, to use it you must have Photoshop CS3 or later. Here’s a video of the Order Fulfillment Script in action!

11) Will RedCart work with my web site?
RedCart is compatible with ALL web sites if you’re hosting the cart with us. You simply create a DNS “A Record” to point your sub-domain (or full domain name) to our server’s ip address and you’re in business! If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t sweat it. We can easily make the DNS changes for you if you prefer.
12) Can I use a sub-domain?
Yes! As a matter of fact, we recommend using a sub-domain (eg. instead of a full domain (eg. because it’s easy to configure, it meshes well with your main web site, and you don’t have to buy a new domain name to make it work.
13) How do I customize the look and feel to have it match my web site?
Once you have RedCart installed, you can customize the look and feel through the Admin screens. In the Admin section, you can update your logo, upload a watermark, and change the colors to seamlessly blend with your current web site. You can also change the labels, headings, and text that are displayed throughout the galleries and shopping cart.
14) How do I generate galleries with RedCart?
Generating galleries in RedCart is a BREEZE with our new HTML uploader in the RedCart Admin! If you already organized your gallery images into folders on your hard drive, it will pick up these folder names and use those to generate your sub galleries automatically!
15) Will RedCart work in my country?
RedCart is available for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Bermuda
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Turks & Caicos Islands
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

If your country is not listed then please contact us at to get your country on the RedCart map! RedCart is currently available in English only, however, all labels in customer facing front-end of the system can be customized and translated by the photographer to other languages.

16) What credit card payment gateways are compatible?
You can capture credit card payments on your web site using any of the following payment gateways:

  • Bambora (Previously Beanstream)
  • eProcessing Network
  • First Data Global
  • Sage Pay
  • Paypal (standard)
  • Plug’n Pay
  • MIGS (Mastercard Internet Gateway Service)

Or take orders without charging directly online (Pay in Studio, Mail a Check, Bank Transfer). You can also present multiple payment options while checking out! The system can be configured to use one or any combination of the options above.

17) Do I need an SSL certificate?
All of our hosted plans come with an SSL certificate for secure transmission of your data. SSL Certificates aren’t technically required, but we do recommend using one as it’s just good security practice. But even if you don’t use SSL with your galleries, all of our payment gateway integrations for processing credit card information will still be handled by a secure SSL server and operated by the payment gateway provider. All of our payment gateway integrations are fully PCI-DSS compliant.
18) Where can I get a merchant account or account?
There are many companies out there where you can obtain a merchant account or account. However, we prefer to work with two specific companies, Veracity Payment Solutions and Photography Merchant Systems, as they tend to know this business better than the rest, they have awesome rates, and quite simply, they take care of our customers. Contact either of the two listed below and let them know that RedCart sent you to get the preferred rate.

Veracity Payment Solutions
400 Northridge Rd. | Suite 1200
Atlanta, GA 30350
866.781.0493 voice

Bambora (for Canada)
If you are in Canada then take a look at Bambora – RedCart is fully integrated with Bambora (previously Beanstream) and you can pick up a merchant account directly through them if you don’t have one.

Sage Pay (for the United Kingdom)
If you are in the UK then take a look at Sage Pay – RedCart is fully integrated with Sage Pay and you can pick up a merchant account directly through them if you don’t have one.

19) Do I fulfill the orders myself?
Yes! RedCart was designed for the photographer who wants to have more control over the order fulfillment process. When an order is processed through the RedCart system, all order details are emailed to both the client and the photographer. You can also access the order details through the RedCart admin screens. After an order is placed, you can choose to manually fulfill the order or automate the process by using the RC Order Fulfillment Photoshop script. The RC Order Fulfillment Photoshop script will automatically process, crop to the customer’s specified crop, and resize the ordered images for you at the click of a button, and save the processed images to folders all ready to be uploaded to your lab of choice. Here’s a video of the Order Fulfillment Script in action!

20) What is your upgrade policy?
Free upgrades are included with all monthly and annual plans. If you have a self-hosted plan, please see the self-hosted FAQ below for upgrade details.
21) Do you offer phone support?
We are no longer offering phone support. Over the years, we’ve learned that we operate much more efficiently and effectively over email and ticket based support and are able to answer your questions much quicker this way. But please don’t take this the wrong way! We would absolutely love to answer all your questions and help you out with any issues. If you need help, you can do the following:

RC Self-Hosted FAQ Header


for Self-Hosted Plans

RC Self-Hosted FAQ

1) Does the self-hosted plan contain the same features as the monthly plans?
Yes! The self-hosted plan has the exact same features and functionality as the monthly and annual plans. However, to use the Cloud Storage features with high-res files, you need to have your own Amazon AWS account. Without an AWS account, you can still offer image file downloads up to 1800 pixels on the longest edge.
2) What are the web hosting requirements for self-hosted plans?
At a minimum, your web host needs to support:

  • Linux or Unix operating systems
  • To check your current PHP settings, visit your RedCart URL with /phpinfo.php at the end. For example:
  • Minimum PHP version: PHP 5.6
  • Maximum PHP version: PHP 7.4
  • PHP GD library extensions installed and enabled.
  • PHP ZIP module must be enabled.
  • LibCurl v7.9.8 or later must be installed and enabled
  • “allow_url_fopen” must be turned on from php.ini configuration
  • MySQL v5.0.3 or later
  • Latest versions of ionCube loaders must be installed. If ionCube is not installed, please ask your hosting provider to install it.
  • Some kind of suExec such as suPHP needs to be installed

Please contact your hosting provider and ask them if they meet these requirements. If your web host doesn’t meet the minimum requirements then we suggest opening an account with one of our recommended hosting providers listed below.

3) What hosting providers do you recommend to host the cart myself?
When deciding on a home for your new cart it is very important to choose quality hosting. RedCart is a technically complex application and many requirements need to be met from a hosting perspective in order for all of the features of your cart to function properly. Many web hosting packages might look outstanding on paper, but in real practice, many fall short when it comes to delivering on features, control, performance, speed, knowledgeable support, and network uptime.

If your web hosting provider is not compatible, we recommend picking up a new domain name (eg. and hosting account from one of our recommended hosting providers below. There are advantages to having a separate hosting account just for your cart (eg. Not having to move your cart if you ever decide to move your website to a different company).

Recommended Hosting Companies: (in order of our personal preference)

Cloudways –
Cloudways provides fully managed cloud hosting services. They seem to be marketed more towards application developers but make it really easy to use other hosting services that don’t typically come with managed support such as Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS…etc. If you need to scale your site up or down based on traffic and performance, they make it really easy to do so. We recommend their cheaper option using Digital Ocean.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Site Ground –
If you’re on a budget, a shared hosting account might be the way to go. “Shared Hosting” basically means that you’re sharing server resources with many, sometimes hundreds, of other businesses running on the same server. With shared hosting, you’re typically limited and restricted to certain server configurations, but for many this is still a great option. We recommend Site Ground for shared hosting.

4) Can you install RedCart on my server for me?
Sure no problem! During the signup process, you can choose to have us install the cart on your server for a small installation fee.
5) What do I have to know in order to install RedCart myself?
If you choose to install the cart yourself, you will need to know how to FTP files to your web site, how to create a mysql database, how to update database user permissions, how to install ioncube, and how to create a cron job. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, you can choose to have us install the cart for you for a small installation fee.
6) Can you setup and configure my Amazon AWS account for offsite backups and high-res file downloads?
Sure, no problem! We offer an Amazon AWS setup and configuration service for a one-time fee. Please inquire for details.
7) Can I install RedCart on a sub-domain?
Yes! Sub-domains are fully supported. However, there’s a technical requirement that the cart url follow a particular pattern:

These work:

These do not:

You cannot install the cart into the root of a domain or sub domain, however, you can add a simple redirect to the root of your domain or sub domain which will automatically redirect you into the RedCart folder.

8) What is the upgrade policy for the Self-Hosted plan?
The Self-Hosted plan includes one-year of upgrades and support. All upgrades that are released during the first year, both minor and major, are included with your plan. To receive upgrades and support beyond the first year of service requires an active Upgrades & Support plan which costs $99 annually.
9) What are considered a la carte support services?
À la carte support services include: server to server migrations, new installations, and manual ftp upgrades. Manual ftp upgrades are only required on servers that aren’t compatible with RedCart’s automatic update process, and they are usually easily installed by the photographer. If you need to perform a manual ftp upgrade and you’re not comfortable doing so yourself, you can pay a small fee to have us perform the upgrade for you. Please inquire for current pricing on these services.
10) Do you offer a money back guarantee?
We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on our Self-Hosted license plan starting from the day of purchase. We are confident that you will find value in our product. With our 14 day money back guarantee, you can be certain that your RedCart purchase will be a wise one. The following conditions apply to our money back guarantee:

  • Applies to New customers only
  • Does not apply to costs incurred for hosting RedCart
  • Does not apply to setup or installation fees
  • Valid for 14 days beginning with the day your order was placed
  • Initial setup and installation of RedCart on your server must have been performed and tested by RedCart Solutions, LLC
  • A RedCart technician must be allowed to remove all RedCart code, files, and MySQL database from your server

11) What are my technical responsibilities when hosting the cart myself?
You should assume some technical responsibility with keeping your server compatible with RedCart’s hosting requirements. We try our best to keep RedCart compatible with most servers, but with the infinite number of server configurations out there, it’s impossible for us to guarantee that your cart will always be compatible with your server. We’re not always able to solve all server and hosting related issues, but we will certainly do our best and do what we can to help you troubleshoot any issues that you are experiencing.

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