03 Jun 2021

RedCart 5.2.3 Release Notes

New features and bug fixes

03 Jun 2021

Are you upgrading from version 4?

  • If you’re upgrading from v4, be sure to carefully read the version 5.0 release notes before continuing with this upgrade.
  • If you’re a Self-Hosted user, make sure that your server meets the New Hosting Requirements before upgrading to version 5.
  • If you’re on a monthly or annual Hosted plan, you don’t need to worry about hosting requirements.

v5.2.3 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that caused some galleries to transition to Deep Archive storage on Amazon S3 prematurely. This minor bug resulted in longer processing times for zipping up and delivering “Download All” type gallery downloads.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Amazon AWS from sending a callback and communicating with a domain that had a force redirect to the https:// protocol.
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